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Friday Favorites

Friday favorites will be a post I will be doing every week. Basically, it will be a list of my favorites things I found on Pinterest throughout the week. Guess, it will also show my obsession with the site…because yes, I am addicted to pinning! Firstly, I will start off with shoes (another obsession of mine).

Pinned Image Pinned Image

Shoe obsession includes ballet flats. I have them in every color, every style. Currently I am in love with added details of flowers. Adds a little dresser look to them. 

Pinned Image Pinned Image

Heels, heels heels!!  Now I chose these two because they both seem like they would work best with a bridesmaid dress. I will be in my brother’s wedding so I’ve been on the hunt of the perfect shoes, that not only will go with the dress but I will be able to wear again. The simple, clean look of these seem to fit best in what I am looking for. 

This week I have found some great decor for the house. I enjoy living in a fantasy land where I have a house gorgeously decorated. Thank you Pinterest for letting me dream away. 

Pinned Image Pinned Image

Love mirrors! Easy way to add a simple elegance to any home. 

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These unique ideas for hanging up photos on the wall are great. Love how just not a whole wall of photos looking plain and outdated. 

So, there you have it, just a few of my favorite things for the week. Stay tuned to what I find next week, maybe they shall inspire you as they have to me. To decorate, design, shop or DIY.