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Crafty Sunday…

As I mention on my previous post Fall is Here, I attempted to make my own wreath yesterday. Now if you don’t know me, I’m not the most crafty on the block or creative. I always want to try but don’t have the courage to. Silly, right? Well, I went for it and made my own wreath for Fall. Pinterest gave me lots of ideas and inspiration. Through Pinterest I found a wonderful site with tutorial on wreath making. I recommended her site for a go to if you plan on making your own,

Here is the before, I chose a golden brown color yarn. Thought it was great choice for Fall.

Here is the wreath after wrapping the yarn around. I used all the yarn and it did take quite some time to accomplish. Also a little warning, the yarn will get tangled often in the process. I cannot tell you how many times the yarn ended up in knots. Now maybe it was just me but it was making the process longer.

Now I will be honest, I was feeling a bit intimidated by making felt flowers. Just looking at them I thought it was going to be a tough task. And what do you know? It wasn’t that difficult and was much easier has I made more.

Add some red flowers too.

I am more than pleased with my end product. Overall the whole project took about 4 hours, which I wasn’t expecting either. It was a great use of boring time during my kids nap time. I have another wreath planned for today as well. Maybe I will start making a business out of it, make some extra money. Haha…yea, right!?!

Not only did I make a wreath but I put up my decor all around the inside and outside of the house. Fall mode was definitely in the air…

Happy Fall!!


Fall is HERE!!!

My favorite season has finally arrived! I’m sure you could tell by my previous post of my excitement for this time of the year. I was so excited I busted out a scarf this morning! With this excitement comes planning the family fall activities. Luckily, I found a great bucket list for Fall curtsey of Pinterest. I have taken some those ideas and made my own “bucket list”. 

Fall Bucket List 2011

1. Make leaf art

2. Enjoy a bonfire with s’mores

3. Make carmel apples

4. Corn maze

5. Go to a pumpkin patch

6. Go on 2 dates (may not happen but fingers crossed that it does!)

7. Make fall cookies and/or Halloween cookies

8. Take a nature walk

9. Decorate a pumpkin (carve/paint)

10. Bake pies

11. Trick or treat

12. Picnic

Several of these activities we do every Fall but added new ideas. Number 6 should be number 1, it is a MUST at this moment but not always possible. Other then that all the activities will be lots of fun for the WHOLE family. Each activity will be documented since I ALWAYS have a camera on me.

One more thing I will be doing, hopefully this weekend, is tempting ( I say tempting because I am NOT creative at all) to make my own Fall wreath. Here are a few I want to try.

Addicted to Decorating Blog

Some are obviously more difficult then the others. The felt wreaths seem the easiest so I will be starting off with that. I will post as soon as I accomplish this creative adventure. Wish me luck!  

Autumn, quite possibly the best time of the year!

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I am in a major Autumn excitement mood at this very moment. Autumn is quite possibly the best time of the year, in my opinion. And I’m not the only who can’t contain their excitement. Autumn pinning is in full force on Those of you haven’t been or don’t know of this site, you MUST go there! 

The site as given me wonderful ideas on DIY projects for Halloween and for autumn, of course. In my head I think, “This is easy, I can do this” but in reality it’s a whole another story. I don’t have a creative bone in my body, which is sad. Being creative would be a dream.

Here are a few of the DIY projects I hope to attempt for this upcoming season.

Autumn Wreaths– Better Homes & Gardens has an array of wreaths made from corn husks to apples.

Creepy Curtains– Thanks to Lowes I found this very cool easy to do creepy curtains for Halloween. They can be for indoor or outdoor use.

These projects are easy and inexpensive. Each one of these projects are on my “for sure” to-do list. They’re so simple I think I can handle it without messing it up too bad. 

Quick & Inexpensive decorations– Once again, thank you BH&G.

Lowes Creative Ideas– Gorgeous painted pumpkins, who couldn’t do this? Easy, right? 

Good Housekeeping– Easy and Elegant Thanksgiving centerpieces

Hope you enjoy this little autumn inspiration. Next up, yummy goodness of autumn. My must have treats for the season.