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Since I received many great things about my Autumn food post, I thought why not do a weekly post of my meals. These meals are manly my dinner meals for the week. Sundays are my day when I plan and make a grocery list, I find this keeps me a bit more organized. Also less hassle for dinner time. Don’t have to deal with the dreaded “what’s for dinner?” nagging. So, what I do is go through my favorite recipes. Most come from Cooking Light Magazines or Food Network but I also love using my Ellie Krieger cookbooks. I try to balance are meals throughout the week, like one pasta dish, one vegetarian and one with meat protein. Find helps make more of a variety rather than eating the same-o-same-o every week. Since we are big healthy eaters it can be bit difficult keeping meals delicious, different and healthy but it can be done. Don’t let it discourage! Eating healthy can taste great and be easy to cook. I am in no way trying to get anyone to change their eating habits. This meant for those who are interested in what I cook.

Note this post is a work in progress, so I will see as weeks progress how it will be presented. Please bare with me….

Week of August 22- August 26

Monday~ Easy Grilled Chicken Salad

Easy Grilled Chicken Salad Recipe

This recipe was picked for many reasons. One being that its monday and we all know how we hate the first day of the work week. So, I’ll ease into the week with easy dinner.

Tuesday~ Linguine with Quick Lemon Ricotta

Linguine with Quick Lemon Ricotta Recipe

Just by looking at the photo of this pasta I couldn’t resist it. Plus I am a pasta lover!

Wednesday~ Skillet Chicken Souvlaki

Skillet Chicken Souvlaki Recipe

Greek! Enough said….

Thursday~ Lemon-Oregano Lamb Chops

Lemon-Oregano Lamb Chops Recipe

Lamb is one of my husband’s favorite meals and I love Greek orzo.

Friday~ Peppered Flank Steak and Salsa

Peppered Flank Steak and Salsa Recipe

Might as well end the week with an easy dinner just like I started.

My other plan for the week is making a dessert. Now I say, “plan” because I tend to start the week with lots of great ideas. But then life gets chaotic as we all know. I really enjoy having something sweet after putting the kids to bed (I don’t like to share my sweets). The dessert choice for the week is:

Blueberry Crisp

Blueberry Crisp Recipe

HUGE fan of crisps! Then add the blueberries…YUM-O!


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  1. What a great idea. I was just making out our 2 week menu planner, and I find that it’s super hard to not keep rotating the same old same old every other week! These are some good ideas!!


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